Vril Studio designer, Grant J. Kidney, once worked for the Elon Musk inspired Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a revolutionary startup which seeks to forever change the way in which humans travel across long distances.

Grant was tasked with designing Hyperloop's logo as well as other branding elements and marketing collateral.

Here is phase one of the Hyperloop logo- a clean representation of the company's brand.

Grant was requested to make slight changes to the original Hyperloop logo. Ultimately, the design was simplified to what is shown below.

Grant's Hyperloop logo is now on display all over the world.

The following is a video showcasing Hyperloop operations in France. Grant's logo is proudly displayed on the large construction tubes.

Here is an executive of Hyperloop meeting with partners in Saudi Arabia in front of a logo patterned backdrop.

Grant also produced Hyperloop Transportation Technologies original, 76 page 'crowd storm' document which was featured in Wired, Forbes and in other major publications. View the full document here. 

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